Just a fantasy

Well, day 1 of the diet plan and I will be honest, climbed the walls at work. I'm fine at home and actually never think about eating. But sat at my desk at work, that's another matter. Suffice to say I'm a little grumpy and emotional at the moment.  No not just because I couldn't [...]


That damn word.  Finally, yet again I've decided I must diet!!! Summer is nearly here and I've been incredibly slack the past few months.  Winter has a funny way of welcoming you into complacency. I enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling of warmth and food. It's a lovely feeling. Till you realise maybe you had too [...]

The morning flasher

On the bus headed to work and have just seen a flasher. I kid you not! He is standing on his front drive way flashing for the world to see. I don't want to see it, my right not to see it and yet bold as brass this man is standing on his drive putting [...]

We got this

What a day. I have despite the statement I was going to chill, kick back and relax, been actually very busy all day. I have had a lot of RL and a few visitors and whilst making this video, left myself logged in dancing with my dancers and had dinner, cups of tea and gossip. [...]

My direction of travel 

Sunday morning and laze day! I don't care who wants to visit, I have no plans to dress up or be doing anything other than the pure laze. I am one of those people who really needs at least one day a week that has no structure other than the one which is to do [...]

Because real life happens

I can't sleep!!!  So I'm laying in bed listening to music. Most don't know I have a SoundCloud account and have messed with edm music a few years. Seriously not even my RL friends knows apart from a few. I guess inside all of us is that other person wanting to keep out. I love [...]

A dream

Did I just wake up? I had planned to laze in a slumber till some ridiculous late time this morning but the sound of the front door closing as my son went off to see his girlfriend woke me right out of that said slumber. I know this sentence is grammatically incorrect. However, I'm not [...]

Tender fantasy

I never get tired of a pose.  I like take my photos in RL and am always snapping away. I've managed to get a collection in Getty images and would you believe my photo of my half eaten banana placed on my desk at work has sold over 11 times now! I've not yet seen [...]

Urban Genre

Seriously I have the patience of a saint most of the time.  But when I have blogs I want to show you, I just can't wait! So here it is before tomorrow. Because, I can't wait ! When I involved a video I'm like click it, no don't click it, cliiiiick it! So clearly clicked. [...]


Yes I'm on the bus as I write this. Driver driving like he has a Formula 1 race to finish.  I do believe my stomach just somersaulted above my head and back down to the ground as he took that last corner without slowing down. Funnily there was a time I used to believe that [...]