A poets note of an ASMR request

This is something I was asked to do a little while ago via my You Tube channel. I had to think about how I could incorporate it into SL and into my own  style. Because lets face it we all have our own styles in our blogging and machinima.

I also wanted to use dance because that is my favourite kind of video to make  and when the Mickey animations were sent to me to blog, it was like a fusion of perfect to me.

I  already had  the background music ready and the idea. I just needed the right movement. I hope you enjoy and if you aren’t into ASMR (which please note I haven’t done a whispering) then I’m sure you will appreciate the dance moves anyhow. I actually am a fan of ASMR and do believe in how sounds can relax a person.

Its Saturday morning here and now I’m going to fetch my toast and tea and enjoy my few hours of peace.

Dance segment of video shot on location at MetALES



Credits :-

Mickey dance from MOVE! Animations Cologne

■■SPECIAL THANK YOU PRICE OFFER  <■■The Single Dances costs 300L$ each. The Dance Pack (15 Dances) JUST ■■ (2999L$ with more than 30% OFF).■■

I am wearing a number of outfits in here. So will link o previous blog for the detail. The main picture however is a blog for later today so you will just have to wait. Yes Wait!!!! The pants outfit is  found here Entice Champs outfit and the hair I am wearing in this video and pic is the Ibuki from Argrace

This blog is specifically because I absolutely love this series of dances and had to connect the video to it. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.



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