In your imagination

Mine tells me I’ve just come walking out of the surf, sun on my skin and board under one arm. Yes, I’m awake.

This post has nothing to do with surfboards but if it did, I’m there.

Last night I made an executive decision that I would absolutely remove and block everyone from RL Facebook associated with my work place.

It’s not an easy decision but I think with how things are these days no matter how great mates you are with someone at work, the facts are your personal life is less when you mix the equation with work.

Also our organisation has just updated its policies with its “apparent rights” to view your Facebook posts as a reflection on the organisation.

So in my mind, the most logical thing is the lockdown of that privacy. That’s not just removing them, but blocking at the same time.

Terribly sad in this day and age that you have to consider this but, lets face it we all value our privacy. Especially me who had two huge data breaches happen in the last year. One I’m still in negotiations with for what they did. The other was the hacking I had which compromised my online life.

For those of us in the virtual world in our alternate lives I think we value our privacy two fold and on different levels.

I think these days I prefer my virtual social media above the RL one. Go figure.

I’m sure if this photo of me in the latest I love you tattoo was in my RL, the conversations would be interesting.

I may try it sometime.

Credits :-

I love you tattoo from [PU] available right now at the Hash in Love Event

Ibuki hair from Argrace

Catya Bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya bento head LizBitz

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Surfs up pose from *{what next}

Shot on location at La Vie

Bikini bottoms from Erratic

Look on my face? Not telling.


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