Date Night

This video and photo took me ages to do just because damn shoulder hurts. So no ramble in this blog from me just the video. Video:- Credits :- Date night dress from Dark Intentions available right now at the Hash in Love event Proud Mary hair from Analog Dog Catya bento head from CATWA Angle [...]

Read a romance novel and cry

Some days I just wonder if the universe has its head screwed on right. I'm sure it doesn't. It's a difficult thing when you realise that your heart is a lot more fragile than you first thought. On the whole those that do know me, know I avoid SL relationships like the plague. It was [...]

In your imagination

Mine tells me I've just come walking out of the surf, sun on my skin and board under one arm. Yes, I'm awake. This post has nothing to do with surfboards but if it did, I'm there. Last night I made an executive decision that I would absolutely remove and block everyone from RL Facebook [...]

The mystique?

I've just woken up and frankly I do not wish to move. Have the beginnings of a cold and that feeling of aching and the nose wanting to detach itself from the rest of me. I could ring in sick but as most of my team are either off sick or on leave that would [...]

Soothing days…

Given a choice today, this is where I would like to be in the real world. Sadly as I stare out the window its one of those days we call pyjama days as frankly its not inviting to go out. So today in my world its officially Pyjama Day!! Also a day I will spend [...]

A little bit of spice in your spring

Lets face it its the event for love with the Hash in Love so I figured why not add a little eye candy to the mix. I don't mind if I do, even though its me. ha ha   Video :- Credits :- Lara dress from Fuchon at the Hashtag Hash in Love event available [...]