Think I’m in trouble now

Just over one week to go till Christmas and I’m still not feeling it.

I guess 2016 kind of sucked a lot and with so many things having gone on in both lives, I’m finding it hard to get that spirit.

The spirit of preference may be vodka, but then tequila is also great.


It’s nearly Christmas!!!! And even if it’s not celebrated in many homes because of different beliefs etc. It’s still a time where people can take time out of our crazy lives and think about what we are grateful for, spend time with good friends and family and just smile.

It’s also a time to consider those around us who are less fortunate and do something to put a smile on a face, food in a belly or help with a bed and warmth.

It’s so important to not think about what didn’t go right for you in 2016. But to think about how lucky you are and do something to help others.

Then, you can dance like my girl in this video.





Triple Trouble nail polish by DaneMarkZ available at the Designer Showcase

Thascya outfit which includes scarf, overalls, top and shoes from Legendaire available at the Designer Showcase

IsaB face and body shape for the Catya Bento mesh head from LizBitz

Catya Bento mesh head and Animated eyes from CATWA

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Steking ears from MANDAL Jewellery

Rikka hair from Argrace

Shot on location at Ironwood Hills asylum

Video features the  very latest Taynara dance moves from MOVE! Animations Cologne



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