Going out

Well I wasnt wearing this cute dress when I went out a little while ago. I think people would have been talking at 8am on a Saturday morning don't you? Quick trip to the vet to check my cats paw out. He is fine. Seems he ripped part of his nail and after a good [...]

100 blinks

Not really sure about today. The whole getting up thing and eagerly heading for work. I don't feel eager this morning and in fact more a little reluctant than anything. Do you ever have those days when you just want to blink and transport yourself somewhere else, to a different time? I am having that [...]


Yes I'm on the bus as I write this. Driver driving like he has a Formula 1 race to finish.  I do believe my stomach just somersaulted above my head and back down to the ground as he took that last corner without slowing down. Funnily there was a time I used to believe that [...]

A little bit of rain never hurt anyone

Said no one who just had their hair done. I have just had my hair straightened by my daughter for the evening and discovered tomorrow its likely to rain. Now, what's the point in that. I have the wildest hair in RL and yet its straightens like silk quite fast. Put a drop of water [...]

A little bit of sunshine

Its absolutely ramming it down outside with rain right now. I had planned getting up early which I did at 7am and then going for a walk around the lake. I think not. I also planned on buying myself a gorgeous bunch of flowers just to get into that spring feeling. Again, I think not. [...]

Watch me whip

Just woke up a while ago and leapt out of bed and opened the windows. The place is absolutely boiling. I think it's coming time to dimming the central heating system and preparing for spring to come along. Here in the UK we go to work in the mornings in the dark and come home [...]

Spring in the winter

Anyone down south in the UK will know what I mean. It feels like spring in the winter right now. All those coats and boots in my wardrobe not getting worn because frankly its just not cold enough right now. But n SL its ok, I can wear winter in the spring, spring in the [...]

Think I’m in trouble now

Just over one week to go till Christmas and I'm still not feeling it. I guess 2016 kind of sucked a lot and with so many things having gone on in both lives, I'm finding it hard to get that spirit. The spirit of preference may be vodka, but then tequila is also great. Kidding!!!!! [...]