Cake and all things nice

After work today I went over to my friends house for an afternoon tea date with my other friend. We had an afternoon tea party.

It was Annette’s birthday yesterday and so we had some cucumber and ham sandwiches and cake. Lots of cake. Oh and ice cream and strawberries and more ice cream, and lots of cake!

Hence when I decided to take a photo of Raindale’s  Lanhall planters, the inspiration was  for more cake. If I could have thrown in some ice-cream I would have.

When we get together its an eat fest. I wont deny this. We like chocolate and we love ice-cream.

Nothing to do with these gorgeous planters but what the hell you may as well know how I rocked my after work hours today. Now a wee video popped on flickr.  Not sure it will thrill you but I am trying to show they change colour. Watch, no watch I am serious

Flicker video:-


Lanhall planters from Raindale at the Access Event

Land impact = 1-3 (in default size)Touch hanger (top part) for colour change menu (5 colours for wood and pots) +show/hide hanger (in case you want to hang planters on your own pieces of furniture)

All displayed cakes are from Raindale

Kitchen used is the Kitchen skybox  from Hive

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