Hung parliament

Well fetch me a bag of popcorn as I sit on this bus waiting to know what happens next.

I was hoping to see a landslide exit of the conservatives, but I’m guessing this doesn’t mean this dream is happening.

I’m labour and proud, but then I’m a strong unionist and have been since I started work. I believe in equal rights and fair work and pay conditions. 

Last year I suffered a huge data breach which was separate from my online hacking experience. 

As a trade unionist I represented a woman who in 2015 went on to commit suicide as a result of work place issues. I did my best and it wasn’t enough. I was witness in a coroners court and had to provide statements about what her experiences were and asked if I believed work  had contributed to her decision to take her life. 

100% it did!

Her suicide letter was quite clear “I did this because of work”.

Then in April 2016 whilst doing a freedom of information request on myself I found out the most devastating news. My employer had in 2015 just after I had attended coroners court, basically hacked my emails at work and all the confidential files I hold as a union officer. 

I was devastated. Their reasons? Because they thought I had supplied information to the press on the suicide. Public record. 

No what they were doing is called damage limitation because they knew from the coroners court that the family were holding them accountable. So it was a matter of let’s  find dirt on this trade union rep and shift the blame. It never worked because they found nothing. But what it did do was give them access to highly confidential information they had no rights to.

I reported them to the information commissioner and they found the employer breaking data protection laws. 3 weeks ago they emailed me to say they again found them in further breach.

So to know labour is stronger again, gives me a positive. Because the employer I work for is a mostly conservative employer. We all know the conservatives don’t like unions. After all they made it so low paid workers would have to pay for tribunal claims.

So today I smile and think there is a little light.

And today I walk into work with knowledge as of yesterday I accepted Unite unions offer to act for them. 

So labour you are beginning to rock again.


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