Let’s make Snow Angels

Even if it didn't lay with snow in my real life last night. I was a tad excited when my friends text me to say they had it falling. But oh no not for me. In Harriet's world however. Let's watch.... Video:- https://youtu.be/2LWo35sUPgY Credits:- White Unicorn gacha shorts, slippers and top from Entice at the [...]


Ok I've decided I'm want to be at the seaside right about now. I'm distracting myself doing this blog on the bus as too scared to look out the window as we are swerving stationery cars in the ice. Is my job worthy of this commitment? Not at all. Will they thank those of us [...]

Polar Kisses

I was hoping for a polar kiss. But instead I'm going to get a melting moment. The white Christmas dream is slowly disappearing as it was confirmed to me by the broadcaster on the tv that nope no chance of said white stuff is apparent. Dashed, the fantastical dreams are dashed. So instead it's a [...]

Snow maybe?

Nipples erect and hair on end. Brrrrrrrrr it's wonderfully cold this morning. All the requirements are sliding into place for maybe snow? Gritters are being sent out and I live in hope I may see a flake. I'm excited like a pig in a muddy trough right now. If I could roll around in the [...]