Jungle ASMR

Jungle ASMR

Bev is in the jungle doing her ASMR thing and today it’s all about the animals. Funnily and I do mean funnily, I actually really enjoy doing Bevs videos. A lot of the time there’s parody within them but I actually do appreciate the sounds myself. Relaxation is sometimes harder now than it was previously [...]


Spring is in the air and flowers on my balcony are blooming already. Tell me why am I in reality wearing a coat on this bus with central heating? I'm plainly a twit. I can't blame my hotness on menopause because frankly it's my own fault on this occasion. Happy midweek. There are two days [...]


I am just headed home on the bus of infinite excitement. It's the bus of both hope and dread. Hope that I will be home soon but dread that the schoolies are out in full force. The schoolies are their usual excitable selves, smelling of stale perfumes and aftershaves with the fresh smell of tobacco [...]

Vlogmas day 3

It's a vlog so I don't need to write. Just watch the video! Video:- https://youtu.be/Iz6Syjvg4QY Credits:- Isabelle Mood jacket with top from EVIE at the .equal10 event Kayce tracksuit pants from Frais at the .equal10 event Deer christmas headband from SEmotion at the .equal10 event Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty Vision eyeshadow from The Face at  [...]