Countdown till Christmas

Countdown till Christmas

Happy Tuesday one and all from a rather exhausted woman in reality. I think my body and mind need the holidays to arrive pronto. I’m so tired that once I let myself relax finally I know I’ll be asleep for days. The cat, have I mentioned the cat!! Bondi my ball of fluff, love of [...]


Spring is in the air and flowers on my balcony are blooming already. Tell me why am I in reality wearing a coat on this bus with central heating? I'm plainly a twit. I can't blame my hotness on menopause because frankly it's my own fault on this occasion. Happy midweek. There are two days [...]

This day

The picture doesn't give away my story. So I'll tell you about it. I'm sat on the bus headed home and part of me is smiling and the other part is a little in disbelief. Today I had a meeting and instead of walking out feeling how I thought I might. The outcome was far [...]