Lets fly

Somehow this image isn't quite what is happening. I mean here today in reality, its raining for starters. Wearing a babydoll dress would not  be convenient and the other not happening thing is the leap into the air. I mean in my head Im leaping. Many reasons for that but not telling. The reality is [...]

Today in 2012

On this day in 2012 I had the phone call in the early hours from Australia, that my mum had died. It was the most painful telephone call I have ever received. So many memories and what if's have saturated my mind since. I sang this for her funeral and this is buried with her. [...]


I woke up a little while ago and was about to leap up in a panic, jump in the shower and dash out of my front door. Then I realised it's Sunday and I actually haven't got work today. Work has become so all consuming that it's stealing my weekends because it's in my thoughts. [...]

Road to nowhere

Well that's not quite true about the road to nowhere. I'm on the bus headed to work. I probably shouldn't be as I'm still feeling meh, however I'm aware there are a few people relying on me and I don't want to let them down. The good thing about my desk situation is that I [...]


Eeeeeeek this has been sitting waiting for me to send out and only today do I remember it!! Somerfield is the gacha for Raindale right now at the Cosmopolitan Event. This round ends on the 17th so I'm thinking you need to toggle that teleport button and head on over. Video below if you want [...]

1 hundred days of spring?

I just finished my sim , well kind of. Then I want more prims! ha ha Seriously are we ever happy with our lot? I know I never am, always wanting to change things and shivv it up a little. The sim is done and I'm not touching another inch of it in fear I [...]

Never not getting in!

I visited Winter Trace again last night simply because I love that sim, it's done so beautifully. I was standing on the edge of the little jetty and someone shouted "Don't do it", hence my idea for this photo. Did make me chuckle and I do love how people start conversations at times. I of [...]

Hey there

Not that I'm counting, but it's another four days after today (I guess that's five) that Santa will float down my chimney with a great big surprise. Ok so yes I know he isn't real. But a girl can still dream. I dream of a lot of things but reality has to rear its head [...]