A real time moment

I have those moments where I step away from the virtual and live in the reality. It’s a given.

It’s the early hours of Boxing Day as I write this and I’m contemplating the past 48 hours and how different they have felt.

With the craziness of life at the moment, I’ve had my fair share of low points recently. I’ve struggled with how I was feeling about parts of my life and what we are all going through.

One thing I can tell you is I miss humans a lot. Touching and hugging and just being near them. I believe we take the simplicity of human connection for granted until we suddenly find we are without it.

I miss “normal” life. Being free to walk amongst humans, brushing past them in the street and smelling their fragrances and trying to guess the make.

I miss walking in stores and people watching and seeing eyes meet and smiles. Real smiles unhidden by masks.

I missed my usual Christmas this year. But I made the best of it as best I could. I enjoyed me time and watched lots of films and had phone conversations.

I missed hugging my children and spending hours with them. Instead we socially distanced meet up, no hugging because there’s more to think about. Not just what I miss or feel.

That’s what I take away this Christmas. That there’s more to think of than just what we expect, want and had gotten used to. Doing things differently is just the way it is right now and it’s ok.

Although I feel alone right now, I also feel lucky. Because out there are my family and friends. My real and virtually made friends.

I appreciate all who checked in on me.

It’s just a moment in time, a blip. Life will move forward and we will learn something new. We will adapt and make changes.

Warm wishes and let’s look forward to the new year. There’s so much more to come.

2 thoughts on “A real time moment

  1. You’re the exact opposite of me. I always try to get away, to break free from society and groups and social interaction. Aso hate to touch or be touched. I already get nervous when I hear the *Ding of incoming IM inworld SL. How dare they disrupting my senseless building attempts?

    I’m even happy after I tuck in hubby, that I have my alone time, like this, can read my emails and then close shop for outsiders and puzzle around for myself, or take the car out to the countryside or beach, find a place far away from everybody and just sit there and meditate on the wonders of the evermoving ocean.


    1. I miss seeing people. Like the choice as feel it’s taken away at the moment. But things could be worse and I’m relating that in my head.
      I don’t have a hubby and at times wish I did just so as I can moan and look forward to him going to bed but at the same time look forward to waking him up in the morning to Moan about some job that needs doing lol
      Instead I have some stranger that I didn’t know much before living with me and I’d actually rather be alone from. But that’s a task for January.
      Sadly I don’t drive as that would give me more independence . I can’t bring myself to use trains and buses at the moment as the whole mask thing. I panic wearing them.
      I live on beautiful lakes but lately it’s crowded because everyone goes there now to escape whatever they’re escaping from.
      I’m moaning lol
      I live a good moan. It always lets me get things off my chest and then I Re enter again.
      I’m similar with DM in world as SL is my safe place where I can choose to sit and listen to music alone and honestly I get a kick out of just walking around and immersing in the moment.
      Last night I spent ages trying to decorate a stilt home. Honestly the lag was incredible and even though I turned down graphics it was awful. I’m hoping today I can finish off what I started.
      Hope you have a lovely few days and move into the New year xx


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