Checking out Basilique in Second Life

I forgot this destination Basilique existed as it has been a while since I visited and  I had foolishly just assumed maybe it is no longer.

Well you know what the saying is about assuming don’t you? When you assume you make a Ass out of U and ME.

So yes I will own that one because it does still exist and in fact there is more to it since it changed hands.

There is an amazing platform or rather feels like a whole new land in the sky. Second Life does amaze me many days. The things you can do. The places you can create.

Inara Pey did a great blog on this and it was while I was browsing and reading that I was able to be reminded of this gorgeous place.  So today I came and  visited and spent some time just languishing in its ambiance. By the way, do turn on your ambient sounds while there.




To visit Basilique just click here

Music used in this video:-

Track is “Magnetic Fields” by Tomas Skyldeberg

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