Exploring the Animal Sanctuary – Sansar

Today I take you on a little quick video of the experience called Animal Sanctuary in Sansar. It is a work in progress according to the title but I thought you know what, its damn worth showing you.

If you are anything like me and love nature then you will appreciate this experience.

From a VR perspective I would imagine this would be quite cool, but as you know this is from my desktop perspective. Enjoy the video.



Boho top from Gozde

Black Harem Pants from NorthernKiara

Andrea long hair from Cora Store

Alina Avatar from Cora Store

Monkey is no longer on the market

To download Sansar and create your own avatar click here

To visit the Animal Sanctuary click here

2 thoughts on “Exploring the Animal Sanctuary – Sansar

  1. Oh, what a delightful place! The scenery is beautiful with the pink skies and the rainbow forming. Must have taken a lot of work for all those meshes… does Sansar do AniMesh? I do like how the animals can follow you, too 🙂 Will be interesting to revisit as time goes on and more animals are added like a huge safari park.

    1. I don’t know that it’s animesh . I’m so untechnical like that lol
      But it certainly made my day to visit. Those scurries are the most adorable little critters ever😁

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