Exploring the Animal Sanctuary – Sansar

Exploring the Animal Sanctuary – Sansar

Today I take you on a little quick video of the experience called Animal Sanctuary in Sansar. It is a work in progress according to the title but I thought you know what, its damn worth showing you. If you are anything like me and love nature then you will appreciate this experience. From a [...]

Us Syngles

So today I visited Syngles Night Club in Sansar. I couldn't stop laughing and well you will see why. May the force be with you. Video:- https://youtu.be/hYA9fywlMx0 Credits:- Open sweater with collar from Cora Store Jegging jeans from Cora Store Ankle length leather boots from Cora Store Sandra long curly hair from Cora Store Blue eyes from Cora [...]

Visiting Sansar the Orphanage basement

I am  today  visiting the Orphanage a second time to find the way into the basement. Ohhhhhhhh believe me its worth going. Make sure you have your sounds on as the noises are amazing for the experience. No music in the background so you can really hear it and feel the atmosphere for this. Enjoy [...]

Visiting Table Top Chess in Sansar

Todays Coffee with Isa kind of went tits up to be quite blunt about it. I am not one to hold back when things go wrong and they did on a grand scale in the last 24 hours of trying to film. So as a therapeutic escape I decided to go visit Sansar and explore. [...]

Green house on the hill

I visited the little house with the Green windows on the hill. Its kind of like stepping into a colouring book and being part of a fantasy. Not sure whats behind the green door. One day I aim to find out. Still its a nice place to come and talk to people and just find [...]