Fnatic Meta BUNKR

I couldn’t go to bed without sharing this video with you. Exciting times for Sansar and even though I know not a Scooby about ESports, even I am excited. Below are two links, one to Linden labs press release and the other to Fnatic so you know what this all relates to.

Im going to do some exploring this weekend to find out more. How could I not know of this!!!

Who are Fnatic

Linden labs press release 



Sandra long curly hair from Cora Store

Blue eyes from Cora Store

Monkey for female from Somewhere on the Sansar MP. However I cant find the link because I got this a year ago. Happy seeking.

To visit Fnatic Meta BUNKR just click here

To download Sansar client click here

To add me in Sansar and say hi sometime click here

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