My thoughts on “that” video

So earlier today I saw on my Facebook feed about a video and then clicked and went and watched it. Mainly because there were so many comments, I figured I may as well go and see what the fuss is about.

Frankly I wanted to throw things at the screen and was swearing to the enth degree. More importantly I want to hunt this evil son of Satan down and tie him up to a tree and get someone to flog him while I yank his man boobs! Oh hell  he has moobs!

Yes I just wrote that.

I think if you had seen the video you will feel exactly the same. I have put it under my own or rather the link to it. I recommend that if you  have suffered domestic abuse or any abuse which has traumatised you in life, you perhaps dont watch this. Its very gritty and very real.

But the most important thing I come away with from this. Is it sets another bad example of Second Life and what our community is about. Or rather what it is not about!

There is always a level of low life in all societies. The subject of the documentary, he  stems from the low life level of our Second Life society.

The documentary  also shows some moronic human on the media and gives him notoriety. I dont believe in subhuman getting notoriety. Because you can see he thrived on the whole experience of being filmed.

Although its helpful in terms of information I often think British television sensationalises the sub humans too much.



The video in question is How to start a sex cult. Only watch if you are able to deal with scenes of degradation and humiliation. Otherwise I dont recommend you watching.

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