Lets fly

Somehow this image isn't quite what is happening. I mean here today in reality, its raining for starters. Wearing a babydoll dress would not  be convenient and the other not happening thing is the leap into the air. I mean in my head Im leaping. Many reasons for that but not telling. The reality is [...]

What Second Life and Virtual worlds mean to me

I think there are many reasons people choose to visit a virtual world and enact a different lifestyle that is contrary and different to their own normal reality. For me personally, I choose to visit in order to be creative and enjoy my own solitude. I enjoy the relaxation of filming and taking photos. I [...]

My thoughts on “that” video

So earlier today I saw on my Facebook feed about a video and then clicked and went and watched it. Mainly because there were so many comments, I figured I may as well go and see what the fuss is about. Frankly I wanted to throw things at the screen and was swearing to the [...]

Chin up

Chin up!  That was their answer to everything. I had only wanted a fun night out. You know, drinks, a little dance. Just the usual, what any girl wants. It was Kess who came up with the grand plan of the Jurassic experience for a fun night out. Well let me tell you, coming face [...]

More cake? Noooooo

What a day...too much cake and cheesecake and cake again. Doubt this outfit will fit after today!!! Video   Credits :- Fugue top, Skirt and the Scarborough boots are from Entice available today at the Cosmopolitan Room Tattooed heart eye makeup is from Entice at the The Makeover Room from the 1st February until the [...]