Waters edge

Some days I just want to be at the waters edge with not a care in the world.

Instead I’m on the edge with the world.

The situation with the thief stealing our work is getting bigger.

I’m finding our photos and videos on various sites. The person even has the audacity to suggest they had a right to the content and would report me for harassment. Laughable really given they’re a thief and fraudster. I’ve screen shot everything and all of it will be handed to whoever needs the information. The penultimate was for me to see a Strawberry Singh video on the Facebook page as one of the long list of stolen content.

This person isn’t naive or misguided. If they were they would immediately shut down what they are doing. But are not. Daily, content is being lifted and added.

This person exists as an alt amongst our Facebook SL community because a lot of some of my content was only viewable to the friends list.

So right now I do wish I was at the waters edge as it’s preferable than the slog this is going to take to shut this person down. Everyone make sure you in-bed meta tags into your content that are identifiers as belonging to your avatar. (Not your real life persona)Make sure your videos are branded and you use the meta tag features in your production software that inbeds your avatar identifier for your you tube channels.

Be ready to make copyright claims on your you tube content if you see it lifted.

There are 179 videos under a playlist currently hidden. At some stage I’m sure they will go live again. If you see a video you recognise tell the original content creator so they can make the decision to strike a complaint.

Your brand is you. Protect your brand.

Credits :-

It the 6th anniversary for the Cosmopolitan Event

Waters edge hideout from Raindale at the Cosmopolitan Event

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