I can rave in Sansar

I can rave in Sansar. Well kind of. But its certainly a start. I visited this sim called The beach and what can I say. Its lovely for pretends Ville.

Practiced my slick dance moves of one animation and came up with a dance video. Of sorts anyhow.

As time moves on I can see that this world is going to get better and better. The graphics are amazing I keep saying. Once the avatars are more customizable in look Then this seriously will be a cool place to visit more often.



Soft leggings from Cora

Blue eyes from Cora

Face mask (experimental like a skin) from Cora . This is very pretty though you as yet cannot use the voice function on this as then it distorts a bit like wearing a mesh head without an alpha. But very cool for the look and pictures.

Kelsey hair from Cora. This is tintable but I left it as silvery grey as I kind of am rocking that look currently in the real world.

Green tshirt and cardigan and shoes are freebies on the Sansar Market place.

The dance is a matter of typing in public chat /dance.

Shot on location at The Beach a experience created by C3rb3rus

6 thoughts on “I can rave in Sansar

    1. The graphics are amazing and all the shadows are just perfect. It’s getting better each time I visit. I mean I can dance lol
      Mind you that is the only dance but it’s a start

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