I can rave in Sansar

I can rave in Sansar

I can rave in Sansar. Well kind of. But its certainly a start. I visited this sim called The beach and what can I say. Its lovely for pretends Ville.

Practiced my slick dance moves of one animation and came up with a dance video. Of sorts anyhow.

As time moves on I can see that this world is going to get better and better. The graphics are amazing I keep saying. Once the avatars are more customizable in look Then this seriously will be a cool place to visit more often.



Soft leggings from Cora

Blue eyes from Cora

Face mask (experimental like a skin) from Cora . This is very pretty though you as yet cannot use the voice function on this as then it distorts a bit like wearing a mesh head without an alpha. But very cool for the look and pictures.

Kelsey hair from Cora. This is tintable but I left it as silvery grey as I kind of am rocking that look currently in the real world.

Green tshirt and cardigan and shoes are freebies on the Sansar Market place.

The dance is a matter of typing in public chat /dance.

Shot on location at The Beach a experience created by C3rb3rus

The Dome effect

The Dome effect

Good morning and welcome to Sunday.

I received this outfit to blog last night and don’t ask me why I felt like I wanted a rave, but the thought came to my head. So hence the video below.

It reminded me of days when this was exactly what I would be doing and I did a lot of. Dancing.

I dont think there is any better form of excercise than dancing and music is good for the soul.

I did this track a few years ago and again one of those things I never shared with many people, but made ensue for this video.

So combine a great outfit with a bento rave dance and a tune. We have a pixel older persons rave.

Enjoy …..


Credits :-

Selfie outfit and pose from LaGeeny at Square1 Event starting from the 1st May

Austen hair from Truth

Catya bento head CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Christy dark skin Lara Hurley

Rave bento dances from Abranimations