SANSAR – Run and Terrain update

So I had babysitting duty overnight and most of today. So one thing I could do,  was let a 2 year old play. Now there were a few moments and I have spared you those, but suffice to say my avatar has been named Bob! That’s his name for Sansarian Isabelle Cheren. Bob!

I was testing out some of the new updates, but am only showing you two today in my own special kind of  video way because a tutorial from me is like snow in the Sahara!

I’m so in love with my run! I can run. Now the next thing I would love to do it jump, open doors and dance. (hint, hint Linden Lab )

The other great addiction to the Atlas is now the ability to edit a terrain. This will really make building our experiences so much more individual and fun.

After many years in Second Life, I still am pretty useless as building, but hey we will see.

Now the video….


Credits :-

Filmed on location at Harvest 114  and Namaste

Download Sansar

For all the latest updates click here


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