Ive been awake since just before 4 am. Can I sleep? Nope. I'm having dreams of being right by the seaside and my toes in icy water. The reality  is very different. I'm sat here on my sofa contemplating throwing on my clothes and walking out the door. The only thing is, I know the [...]

Coffee with Isa – Crazy Cat Lady

I'm officially THAT crazy cat lady I'm sure. Coffee below and not  for the non animal friendly as you need to be an animal lover to listen for this long! Video:- Credits:- Bisou Bermuda shorts from Bijou available with a hud and number of denim colours and belt colours. (ANOTHER video when you scroll down!!) [...]

The heat

Can I just say how hot it is feeling here at the moment. My apartment is like a sauna and despite fans, nothing is changing. Honestly you walk onto the balcony and its like I'm sure 10 degrees cooler. So today I spent most of it out and about. My brother picked me up and [...]

How I look so cool

The answer to this is..... virtually!!! It's a totally beautiful summers day in the real world. I've spent much of it in the sun on my balcony with a mini pool and playing. Ok well the little person was playing and I suntanned. I wore most of the water he has as he watered the [...]

Take me away

Seriously I've been up since 4am already. My apartment is like a sauna fest right now. I'm sure it's cooler outside. I've even contemplated that tonight I may pop a blowup outside and sleep out on the balcony. Frankly yes I am used to much hot weather than this. BUT I've lived in the UK [...]

Further to my day

I'm on a day off in RL and have been incredibly lazy this morning. I've just finished my housecleaning so figured I felt less guilty to sit down with my phone and tap my blog out. I met a fellow You Tuber for a chat and we voiced my god for two hours in the [...]


Eeeeeeek this has been sitting waiting for me to send out and only today do I remember it!! Somerfield is the gacha for Raindale right now at the Cosmopolitan Event. This round ends on the 17th so I'm thinking you need to toggle that teleport button and head on over. Video below if you want [...]


Woah 3 days of wonderful sunshine! Seriously shocker. Is this England? I'm here in this bus headed into what I fondly call the Pleasure Dome. That title was previously saved for the local leisure centre. However the sarcasm in me has extended to where I reside each day for work. Actually you must think I [...]


Before I start this blog post. Many of us have woken up today to yet another tragedy unfolding. My thoughts and prayers go with the people who are right now in the midst of the London tower fire. Sometimes you just need to laugh. Someone said to me yesterday how amazed they were that despite [...]

As I sit

In reality I'm right now sat on my daily bus trip into work. It's a totally gorgeous sunny day and I should be feeling chipper and full of the joys of spring. But I'm not. Last night I had my first in depth counselling session or talking therapy as it's called. It's been a long [...]