That cottage

Yep I’m having another attempt at decorating!

I’ve come to know and accept that a decor photographer  I will never be. I’m a trier and I guess can earn points for my trying.

I love this cottage. All I needed was some freshly baked cookies and I’d be set for the night.

I did a wee video below. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t Rez all this on my land Namaste beach as embarrassingly I’m prim nuts. So rented a wee plot for the video and had to try hide the neighbours !

The chairs have some lovely animations and perfect in front of a roaring fire.



Credits :-

Hartington gacha items from Raindale now at the Shiny Shabby

12 commons, 1 rare, 50L$ per play

Rare Hartington Cottage – land impact=60, footprint ~15×12

Curtains (blue+print) – 2 copies, 4Li each
Curtains (white+print) – 2 copies, 4Li each
Wardrobe – 3Li – doors open on touch
Bookcase – 4Li
Rug – 2Li +prim version (1Li)
Embroidery – 2 copies – 1Li each
Frames – 1Li
Firewood rack – 1Li
Big curtain/backdrop – 6Li
Mirror – 1Li
Dark and Beige armchairs – 4Li each, 15 animations

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