I hate mornings

But today’s one I love!

It’s Friday . I am sat here on the bus and there is a little quick in my step and my surly mouth has a little upward tilt. A semblance of a smile. Quite resembling my avatar come to think about it.

I actually love Fridays so much. Give me Friday everyday and I would be a happy piglet rolling about in the mud.

Now give me 4.30pm Fridays and I’d have a constant diamond smile.

This cute outfit from Le Fashion Whore actually reflects me quite well. I like the fact it’s hud  driven so I can adjust my mood in the day. Believe me those moods alter like a roller coaster at times.

Happy Friday.

I threw in a dancey video as I’m a MOVE! Addict and living my Elena dance pack.

I forgot to grab the surl for the backdrop so will add that when I land at my computer later.






Credits :-

Top is “Serena” and its a fat pack hud available from Le Fashion Whore

Skirt is “Venus” from Le Fashion Whore this too is a fat pack hud driven skirt

Shoes are “Gwen” from Alien Gizmo’s

Head is “Trinity”  and skin is “Nellie” 2.5 tone from Laq Avatars

“Lara” mesh body is Maitreya

Hair is a free gift called “Jayla” from Truth



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