Visions of Trevor

Is Thelma seeing things? Today Thelma is vlogging the UP Event and imparts some information about what has been going on with her. Does she need help? Video:- Credits:- Julia Bikini from Styllus Store at the UP Event Gacha inflatables from Gecko Creations at the UP Event Floating lanterns from Gecko Creations at the [...]

What to wear on Saturday

Thelma Visits Arranmore and shows us what she likes to wear on a Saturday Video:- Credits:- The Tide is high dress from Entice  until the 31st Oct at the Fall Festival for Parkinsons Dollhouse heels from Entice at the Vanity Event Take Flight hair from Exile Borealis eyes from A R T E at the SOS 2018 [...]

Fries with that?

Harriet Parker reporting from the Equal10.... Video:- Credits:- Naja set (bodysuit and pants - has hud!) from .miss chelsea. at the .equal10 Event Yuki hair from Sintiklia at the .equal10 Event Big bucket 0'Fries from Junk Food at the .equal10 Event Farappuccino from :::ChicChica::: at the .equal10 Event Imaginarium  backdrop from [Bad Unicorn] at the [...]