Check the undies

Check the undies

Yeah I’m a little into undies at the moment. Both in SL and RL.

When seasons change in the stores I find it a great reason to revisit my wardrobe and of course my undies draw and add some new colour choices.

I remember when I was younger the choices in colours and types weren’t as varied as they are now.

Your undies draw was either comfort or to impress. 

Now days however it’s a lot more like your essential wardrobe and what you wear is something more than comfort or to  impress, but also part of what’s in fashion. Hence so much choice!

Amazingly even Spanx type undies are fashion. 

My daughter who is size 8 and petite last weekend showed me her latest purchase she was pleased with when she lifted up her skirt and said “mum check these out”. Spanx type pants. I had to smile as she went on to tell me all her friends have these and how did I imagine they wore those tight dresses without them.

Having never owned those all I can think is if I put them on, where does it all squeeze to????

Video :


Angel witch outfit by Entice at  The Coven

The theme is Love/Anti love

Empty gold hair from Magika

Catya bento head and Animated eyes from CATWA

Angel face and body shape for the Catya head from LizBitz

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Keliana Pool from Trompe Loeil




Sadly right now I’m RL I am not draped over my bed like this. 

I wish I was to be honest. Instead I’m sat in a bus rather chilled (as in freezing not laid back) waiting for it to depart from the stop. 

Yes back to work today.

But give me this pose and outfit right now in the warmth of my SL and I’d be quite chilled (in the laid back way not cold) .

I’m off to be brrrrrrrrrrrrr…..


Credits :-

Malika outfit (includes corset applier, jacket and boots from LaGeeny Fashion This is also available in white and black and on the Marketplace is currently $100L!!!

Debra hair from Truth

Carmel face and body shape for the Catya CATWA bento head from LizBitz

Catya bento mesh head and Animated eyes from CATWA

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Trompe Loeil – Driftwood Bed {A} from Trompe Loeil


Hayabusa Design

I don’t usually blog  gardens, mainly I guess because I don’t change my gardens often and I’m currently not affiliated to any home decor merchants.

However I have a real thing about the plants I get from Hayabusa Design.

Simply stunning is my best description.

The quality of the plants and their abilities to move and change season make my garden lovely. Well this is my garden of recent times and so I will update in a few days my long time garden full of  their plants. Watch the video and you will see what I mean about plant movement.

Credits :-

Beautiful plant life from Hayabusa Design

Palm trees from DaD Design

“Keliana” pool from Trompe Loeil

“Shelby Creek Lodge” from Trompe Loeil

“Meriel” boat from Raindale

“Driftwood beach den” from Studio Sky


Anything else, just shout.


Moments pass by

Have you ever had that moment when you would just do anything to be with that one person. The touch of their fingers on your skin, the warmth of their kiss?

But then suddenly, you just don’t feel it anymore?




Credits :-

“Alini” dance from MOVE! Animations Cologne

“Soy. Antique wooden figure”  available from Soy and currently featuring at Collabr88

“Destiny” mesh head from CATWA

“Lara” body from Maitreya

“Zara” body shape from Strawberry Singh

“Ice Queen” rings from .: RealEvil Industries :.

Animated eyes with tears from CATWA

“Meili” skin in cotton candy tone from 7 Deadly s{K}ins

Kinky outfit from *Promagic* currently available at the Kinky Event

“Izumi” hair from Argrace

“Keliana Pool ” can be found at Trompe Loeil


Hair on Antique dolls are provided by Argrace  MINA AND Truth and all are their free group gifts

ALINI  are Animations between standing and dancing. Calm and slow.
The Dances cost  ■■ 300L$ each.■■ MOVE! giveS ■■30% ON TOP■■ on each Dance Pack ■■ (2999L$).■■