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I don’t usually blog  gardens, mainly I guess because I don’t change my gardens often and I’m currently not affiliated to any home decor merchants.

However I have a real thing about the plants I get from Hayabusa Design.

Simply stunning is my best description.

The quality of the plants and their abilities to move and change season make my garden lovely. Well this is my garden of recent times and so I will update in a few days my long time garden full of  their plants. Watch the video and you will see what I mean about plant movement.

Credits :-

Beautiful plant life from Hayabusa Design

Palm trees from DaD Design

“Keliana” pool from Trompe Loeil

“Shelby Creek Lodge” from Trompe Loeil

“Meriel” boat from Raindale

“Driftwood beach den” from Studio Sky


Anything else, just shout.


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