Shadow Box – November 2017

I’m at it again trying to unbox and not cause carnage on your screens. This is the third shadow box in the series. The Shadow box is a newer monthly subscription from Death Row Designs which started in September and is now on its third month. Every shadow box will contain 12 items inside. 6 items will be [...]

Saturday night

I feel like singing that song Saturday Night by Whigfield. But I will spare you this voice moment because frankly, you ever heard the cats in the garden? That’s me. Im singing this right now in RL and my son just walked past shaking his head. I don’t think it was a nodding in a [...]

On the beach

On the beach

On the beach is where I want to be right now. It's 8 degrees so my weather app tells me, will rise to 17 later. Maybe! Actually it's a gorgeous morning here in sunny south east UK and I do love it when it's cool and crisp. However, I still crave the beach and lazing [...]

Shadow Box – DRD August 2017

Shadow Box – DRD August 2017

The shadow box is a new monthly subscription box from Death Row Designs. Every shadow box will contain 12 items inside. 6 items will be "light" and 6 items will be the "darks". A series of boxes will last 6 boxes/6 months and if you purchase every box in the series, a reward becomes available [...]

Must I ?

I didn't want to wake up this morning.It's been a really long week and frankly if I could spend 48 hours in a sleep capsule, I would.However, today I am due to have a little guest come for the day and that is well worth the rise and shine for.Now the clothing.This outfit is going [...]

Coffee with Isa -All sorts

It's that time again where we sit, have some coffee and you listen (or not listen) to my ramblings.Today more on dodgy scammers, Sansar, new friends and kids and their thoughts on parents and social media. i.e. Second-life vlogging and blogging.Video:- trimmed playsuit from *COCO*  at FaMESHedHalo hair from Analog DogLiquid eyeliner from  A R [...]

All dressed up

So its Friday night and what am I doing? Writing this blog. I just realised today in many ways I should be on some hot date somewhere, sipping wine and flirting like a floozy. In actual fact I am in my living room and too shattered to even think about getting dressed up and stepping [...]

Summer daze

Today I won't ramble about the things I can't do as it then I'll be guilty of whining or moaning or any other term we use when a record is stuck on one subject. Suffice to say my right hand/arm is currently taking quite a hammering this past week making up for the useless left. [...]

Coffee time with Isa and Rosie

I had a friend come over for a coffee with Isa the other day. After talking for an hour and realising I hadn't pressed the record button, we did it all over again. Luckily this was done  prior to my arm going kaput as frankly I'm not sure how I would have achieved those hair [...]