Poor Harriet. She just cant cope with the unprecedented heatwave. Video:- Credits:- Pamela babydoll outfit from Furtacor at the Designer Showcase *Booty's Beauty* lipstick and eyeshadow at the Designer Showcase from *Booty's Beauty* Sandra hair from MINA Kimberley bento head from CATWA Evie shape for the CATWA Kimberley head LizBitz Lara mesh body Maitreya [...]

My hud, my lovely lady hud

Not long after I got home I figured I would pump out this blog while I had some blog stamina in me. I'm actually pretty shattered as lack of sleep the past few days but none the less I like to make sure I get things on the track and dont fall too far behind. [...]

Harriets Muff dive date

Harriet has her date with Jonathon. But it isn't quite how she planned. Video:- Credits:- Darla set from Furtacor at the Designer Showcase Paradox hair from Stealthic Wetsuit from CLBlue Snorkelling set from Mad Pea Zafirah lipstick from A R T E Sandra hair   from Mina Kimberley bento head from CATWA Evie shape for the CATWA [...]

Coffee and loss of Virtual friends

Today's Coffee with Isa is not a happy go lucky subject and actually wasn't the original topic I had planned to chat about. But events this weekend changed that and It was suggested I talk about this. When we lose people in our lives we often reflect on the good times and cherish those memories. [...]

Be that as it may

I feel like my pixel girl, The Walking Dead. My plans of lazing in bed and catching up on sleep have thus far failed as my internal body clock kept waking me all night. I'm actually still in bed as I write this, trying to decide if I close my eyes and give it another [...]

The white stuff

Guess what? Apparently we could be getting more snow!!!! So part of me is penguin clapping and the other is thinking, crap more time up I have to make for work if the buses can't run again. So in the spirit of it all... Have you noticed? I'm a lot paler. A R T E [...]

Harriet Parker meets the Cardboard man

So whilst in Italy Harriet Parker meets the cardboard Drax...... Video:- Credits:- Maia dress from FurtaCor & LA PERLA at the Designer Showcase this dress has a hud of many options Drax Darkness falls hair from Magika Kimberley bento head from CATWA Evie shape for the  Kimberley head LizBitz Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz [...]


It's Coffee time again and until Christmas I'll stick to more light subjects because, well why not. I'm trying to get festive. I mentioned some gift ideas on my video. Well the mug idea is one I'm doing and the idea of a beautiful mug with choclates or sweets inside and wrapped in cellophane has [...]

Cyber bullying and my You Tube account

So by now many will know of the repeated attacks on my You Tube channel I have had. The ultimate gain they are looking for , as like all trolls, is my falling into a ball and just breaking down and walking away. Well that is not who I am!! Ive said it before, bullies [...]