In between

In between

I’ve just had a superb afternoon with a handsome young man. We baked cakes and danced like lunatics, then fell back on the sofa like exhausted souls. Ordered takeaway and dined on fish and chips, cuddled on the sofa in each other’s arms and watched a film. That handsome young man was my grandson Mason [...]

Surfs up?

Ok so yesterday was like everyone suddenly decided to bare their bits and let it all hang out. Generally its fine on the beach but when I went to the local shop I walked into the Twilight zone. Some of the most glaring sights I have seen. I'm still  needing to sit down with the [...]

#SecondLifeChallenge My Seven Second Life Facts

So uploading this on here and hoping at least I can participate even for ten minutes in Strawberry Singhs challenge. If my video gets attacked again, I will put up the alternate channel it is now uploaded to. Video:- Credits :- Charlotte hair from Analog Dog Lemon dress from Addams Catya bento head from [...]