The snow princess

The snow princess

I heard whispers of snow. Am I hearing this right? Apparently this could be possible for us down southerners of the U.K. Light odd flurries apparently. I'll have that thank you. Anything white that comes from the sky no matter how small it is will do me. Hence I took my pixel princess to the [...]

Coffee and first day back

I knew it would be hard my first day back at work today . But seriously I walked straight  back into a pile of mounting work and that instant feeling of " I wish I could outsource it all" I often feel like outsourcing my work. Only problem is I'm not paid enough to do [...]

Gamer granny and my resting bitch face

Todays Coffee is not a virtual one because,  well because. I came home after dashing around like a lunatic and figured I would jump on my iPhone and film it quick. So the picture isn't the video. But then does it have to be? I quite like this pose. I'm quite chilled and in touch [...]

Anyone for dessert?

So summer is apparently nearly here but we didn't know it and have I stopped eating my puddings? No. I really decided today that I need to use the word no more often. I mean no to myself and no to  others. Have I by heck. I am that woman who ate all the pies. [...]