Your fantasy!

Your fantasy!

I love visiting new places in Second Life. It’s kind of a real passion of mine these days. I’m always fascinated by what people create for us to all go and visit. I was looking for a magical place for this photo of Entices outfit and found Memories of KIO Zen. Enjoy. Video:- Credits:- [...]


That damn word.  Finally, yet again I've decided I must diet!!! Summer is nearly here and I've been incredibly slack the past few months.  Winter has a funny way of welcoming you into complacency. I enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling of warmth and food. It's a lovely feeling. Till you realise maybe you had too [...]

My direction of travel 

Sunday morning and laze day! I don't care who wants to visit, I have no plans to dress up or be doing anything other than the pure laze. I am one of those people who really needs at least one day a week that has no structure other than the one which is to do [...]

Into the wilderness

Something tells me this will be a lovely weekend. I guess its the fact that its one week before Christmas and that I will be babysitting the most gorgeous little boy for a day while his mom goes and does her lashes business. I have such adoration for that little guy and now he is [...]