Dry nails

I have dry nails today. Meaning it's not raining. Not yet anyhow. Yesterday I had to stay home because you may recall I was bleeping on about the rain on Wednesday? On Wednesday night I arrived home from work. Did my usual routine and went into the kitchen to feed my cats. I found water [...]

Costa Blanco

Not really as I'm right now waiting to take off from Gatwick to Scotland. I'm wearing wand and shirt and right now thinking that wasn't a grand plan as today it's rather warm. Once I get to the other side I have 2.5 hours of coach travel to the coast. Still, cup of tea and [...]

Beautiful places

I set myself a bit of a challenge this week as to how many vlogs I can film at this beautiful sim before it is shut off from public access. The shut off is Tuesday. If you get a chance, just visit. It's absolutely breathtaking and just idyllic. So for this week every single video [...]