Lets Dance

Isabelle Cheren had always been a lover of dance. She had tried many different forms of dance over the years, but it was when she discovered the Paragon Dance Animations that she truly found her passion.

Isabelle loved how the Paragon Dance Animations allowed her to express herself through dance in Second Life, the virtual world where she spent much of her time. She loved how the animations were so realistic and fluid, making her feel like she was truly moving her body in time to the music.

Isabelle had collected a large number of Paragon Dance Animations over the years, and she treasured each one like it was a precious gem. She would spend hours browsing the Paragon Dance Animations store, looking for new animations to add to her collection.

Whenever she found a new animation that she loved, Isabelle would download it and spend hours practicing it in her virtual dance studio. She loved the challenge of learning new moves and mastering the animations, and she felt a sense of pride and accomplishment whenever she nailed a particularly difficult routine.

But it wasn’t just the dance moves themselves that Isabelle loved – it was the way they made her feel. Whenever she put on one of her favorite Paragon Dance Animations, she felt like a star on the dance floor. She felt powerful, confident, and beautiful.

Isabelle loved to dance with her friends in Second Life, and they would often marvel at her incredible moves. They would ask her where she got her animations, and Isabelle would proudly tell them all about Paragon Dance Animations.

As the years went by, Isabelle continued to collect and master new Paragon Dance Animations. She would often spend hours lost in her virtual dance studio, practicing her moves and feeling the music.

To Isabelle, the Paragon Dance Animations were more than just a hobby – they were a way of life. She couldn’t imagine a day without dance, and she was grateful for the incredible animations that had allowed her to express herself in such a powerful way.

Courtesy of CHAT GPT when I asked it to explain my love of Paragon Dance Animations. How amazing it knew it was related to Second Life



Video features the Gisella Latin Club Dances by Paragon Dance Animation

These versatile club dances for the ladies are designed to the rhythm of Latin pop, Latin EDM and/or Reggaeton with a touch of Samba moves by Gisella.
Originally performance captured to “Dancarina” by Pedro Sampaio. BPM = 13

About Gisella Ferreira

Gisella Ferreira, a renowned Brazilian American performance artist and Master Teacher
specializing in: Brazilian Samba and Baile Funk, Hip-Hop and Street Jazz.
Her titles include: The 1st Samba Queen USA/ Rainha do Samba, Hollywood Carnival
Queen, a member of Brasil Samba Congress and most recently Passista do Salgueiro,
a Principal Dancer and member of a prestigious Samba School in Rio.

Gisella has performed and competed internationally in Rio’s Brasil Samba Congress
and Carnaval Parade, Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year Parade and shows such as
American Idol and The PlayBoy Jazz Festival. She studied at UCLA’s Dept. of World
Arts and Cultures, focusing on dance choreography and performance, as well as on art
activism. She began teaching dance at age 12 in Santa Cruz, CA and has taught in Rio
de Janeiro (Brasil), Salvador (Brasil) and Los Angeles CA. She brings over 20 years of
teaching dance experience and over 17 years of professional commercial dance
experience. Gisella also choreographs, teaches dance, and performs with her own
company, Samba Soul in Los Angeles as well as Santa Cruz.

Website: Gisellasambista.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XONdMZVaaqA
Instagram: @gisellasamba


Paulina Mini Dress from ::ALTER:: now at the Designer Showcase (Lots of various colours and prints!)

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Fruitopia hair from Analog Dog

Manon skin from the Skinnery in toffee

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Backdrop is Seconds Away blue from Bearded Guy

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