Walking the Green Mile

When they walk the Mile, it’s the walk to the inevitable.

There is no choice and once that path is set it’s towards the end.

Whatever reasons many have walked that path, the outcome is often very questionable given it’s the finality.

There have been many who have faced that finality that should not have. Innocent but found guilty.

The subject of the death penalty certainly is one that has many different reactions. There is no real wrong or right. But certainly when man takes the decision to kill another for justice, is he always right?

Sergio Delacruz has replicated this in Sansar. All I can say is wow!!!

It’s an amazing build and you certainly should check it out and you will understand the feeling you get.

Now the video….



Ranya Anime avatar (FREE) from VitaminC

Monkey…Im the only one who has him sorry.

To visit Walking the Mile click here

To download Sansar visit here 

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