Visiting MoonCap in Sansar by YorkieLad

I love a bit of Yorkie Lad and have been a little bit of a fan girl for a while now of his.

I’m his pest in IM now and then and said I would visit his experience.


The big but was I had issues with Sansar and wasn’t allowed to leave home for a number of weeks. I think the Sansarians wont admit it but I was grounded on account I clearly didn’t eat my greens! Kidding. Damn technology often does a little flick around and then rights itself and now I am full on back in Sansar which I am pleased about.

How many hours in the day I have? Good questions. I seem to find them anyhow.

Come along and visit Yorkies little experience or should I say bigger than little experience.

The guy is awesome at making homes in Sims and even more so in Sansar.

I mean seriously over 2 years and I still haven’t finished Namaste. Yorkie, well architect of the virtual worlds he is.

If you don’t know who he is. My god you are missing a treat. He does the best Sims videos and his Sims Love Island Series is so excellent.

And to boot a truly down to earth decent lovely guy. A YouTuber who has great interaction but most of all is decent to everyone. Seems to be a rarity now days.

All details in credits but go watch first.




You are special tshirt from Sanrio

Pink sweat pants from Siggy

White leather boots from Fabeeo Breen

Alina Avatar from Cora

Isabelle hair from Felicidad

To join Sansar click here

To visit YorkieLads Experience MoonCap click here

My new place is Here

To visit Yorkie Lad’s YouTube click here


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