ASMR with Soapywater and Thunderclaps

In todays ASMR feel good to be calm. Beverley makes an announcement. She also introduces you to the world of sounds of the brush.



Chloe outfit from Gaia at the EQUAL10 Event

Sara skin for Genus from RAONHAUSEN the EQUAL10 Event

Estelle hair from Rama Salon at the EQUAL10 Event

Refined eyebrows from A R T E

Leo girls lipstick from RAONHAUSEN at the EQUAL10 Event

Lucky Candy Eyeshadow from LW Makeup at the EQUAL10 Event

Glamour eyes  from Lotus at the EQUAL10 Event

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Genus baby bento head from GENUS

Berry good toast from Black Bantam at the EQUAL10 Event

River birch Shrubs from Little Branch at the EQUAL10 Event

Laurel’s kitchen décor from Elms. at the EQUAL10 Event

Posh lounger from Lagorn at the EQUAL10 Event

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