Thelma’s first day

Today is Thelma's first day at work. Not quite how she planned and it seems not where she planned. Join her and at the same time check out the pretty cool Bikers Cake bar! Video:- Credits:- The Bakers Fail  cake counter from DRD at the Bloom Event Junkyard corner set from DRD at FaMESHed Go Table [...]

Friday breathe

My favourite day of the week is today. In 10 hours from waking I get to say Wey Hey it's the weekend. It's been a pretty emotional week due to stuff happening at work and the continuous up and down of structuring. On a scale of 1 - 10 for stress I would give it [...]

I need to tell someone

Here in the UK we are basking in 28 degrees and I've seriously seen some sights that I cannot unsee, ever! Right now as I'm sat on the bus amongst the sweet smells of body odour there he sits. Homer Simpson reincarnate with no shirt on, pale skin and red where he has sunburnt himself. [...]

Harriet and James visit VR Sansar

Harriet goes off on another 5 second adventure from one world to another. But with not quite the audience participation she is hoping for. Video:- Credits:- Naked tank top from <Trashed>  at the Hashtag Event Bewkie hair from Truth Kimberley bento head from CATWA Evie shape for the CATWA Kimberley head LizBitz Lara mesh body Maitreya [...]

Coffee about Trolls, blogger issues and a thank you

So I had a multitude of issues trying to upload Coffee with Isa to YouTube. Then I realized actually by integrating the virtual me it caused the upload to crash each time as when I removed the majority of the virtual overlay, finally after 3 attempts last night and then another 4 coming home today. [...]

Surfs up?

Ok so yesterday was like everyone suddenly decided to bare their bits and let it all hang out. Generally its fine on the beach but when I went to the local shop I walked into the Twilight zone. Some of the most glaring sights I have seen. I'm still  needing to sit down with the [...]

Hippy days?

My mind says dance but my body is saying go back to sleep. Good morning Sunday. I'm not happy you woke me but it would be totally remiss of me not to arrive without some enthusiasm. I wonder how many are still asleep around the world or haven't made it to bed yet? The thing [...]


In the photo I'm balancing on suitcases. In reality I'm balancing on the edge of my sofa. Little Mason is dashing around like superman and toys are flying all over the place. I'm waiting for Tesco to deliver groceries. My cats are in hiding from flying toys and my son is hiding in his bed [...]

Thelma gets a job

Thelma gets a job. Her and Trevor are hiding from the police and starting a new life. Thelma has dyed her hair and goes to interview for a new job. Video:- Credits:- Cleo dress  and heels from Legendaire Scrappy helmet and Scooter in video from DRD Isabelles motorbike from [Silvercloud Custom Bikes] Simone bento head from [...]