The three little pigs

So the story went.......... Video:- Credits:- Zooby child avatar Jacky from Zooby Sweater dress from Sweet Penelope Patterned sneakers from Zooby Charlotte hair from Analog Dog Playtime pigs from Jian Shot on location at Oasis Zoo and my home

Miserable reality

So the main picture reflects the reality today. But the video reflects the unreality. Which would I prefer? It's been a hectic morning here in reality as I'm babysitting today. All I have heard is "dinosaurs" because Mason has a real passion for watching dinosaurs. So I've found a few cool animated short films that [...]

The child within

Anyone who bothers to know me as a person knows that on a daily basis I fight with obstacles that throw themselves like a bus in front of me. Some days my "fight" feels so encompassing that I really could give up. I'm tired of fake views, fake likes, fake news. I'm tired of fake [...]

YOU TUBE de monetization and change of criteria

So I woke up yesterday like all other you tubers to receive the email notifications that with immediate effect many You Tube channels not already in the partner programme would have to meet the set criteria but also those many of us already in the partner programme have till 20th February to meet the criteria. [...]

Harriet in Japan

Nothing to say today as it's a Harriet Parker video. Suffice to say anyone receive their emails from You Tube today? What a load of twaddle! So the answer to that is put something in you tube that's salacious etc and you will achieve that threshold. Sheeesh! I'll think of something ..... ūüėā Video:- [...]

Within these four walls

So I'm on the bus now. A little while ago I was sat at home in front of my television drinking my tea and putting my face on to get ready for work. The news was on and on my screen came the story about the couple from California keeping 13 of their children shackled [...]

Facebook, Snapchat, Deep web and Coffee

Little things over coffee today. Since recording this my how to block problem has been solved. Ish!! Seems you just come via another route and can ask the question "Why did you block me?" Video:- Credits:- Gizem hair from Mina Naanaa outfit  from L R D Catya bento head from CATWA Angel shape for [...]


I woke up a little while ago and was about to leap up in a panic, jump in the shower and dash out of my front door. Then I realised it's Sunday and I actually haven't got work today. Work has become so all consuming that it's stealing my weekends because it's in my thoughts. [...]

The dinosaur adventure

Well it's the first of Isabella's adventures. I fought against lag and crashes but finished it. It's not perfect but it's a start. Now for the dinosaur adventure..... Video:- Credits:- Sweat pants and hoodie from Zooby Zooby child avatar Jacky from Zooby Irenka  hair from Truth Shot on location at Prehistorica

The bite

Well my bite is not as bad really. Yesterday I had a huge day helping someone and frankly it was a long haul day. When you sit with someone you have helped for 4 months and you finally get to hear the other sides very practised lies then present them with clear written evidence which [...]