YOU TUBE de monetization and change of criteria

So I woke up yesterday like all other you tubers to receive the email notifications that with immediate effect many You Tube channels not already in the partner programme would have to meet the set criteria but also those many of us already in the partner programme have till 20th February to meet the criteria. So basically work harder!!

Now seriously. Many of us have worked hard to get to the levels we are at  now. So the carrot that was dangled got pulled further away but it still dangles. What the hell is that about? The few awful You Tubers who ruined it for the masses. Those You Tubers who have earned a packet of their earnings from You Tube and abused the privileges they had. Surely the repercussions need to hit the badly behaved not the try hards?

So I wont go into the whole criteria as you can go read that yourself here . But the basics are simply you need to have minimum 1k subscribers and 4k hours of views. Now let me make that clear not 4k of views, but 4k of hours of views. Not easy at all as small You Tubers.

So yes I have had a rant, but then after 7 years of dedication to my channel and making sure what I upload is always respectful to the community and also creative because I spend time on each video etc, I think I deserve to be able to have a rant. I am under 1k subscribers and just short of the watch time hours.

What I am going to do to help support all the other channels like myself who need the subscribers to get that 1k is to subscribe to their channels. So if you have a channel and are at less than 1k and I haven’t as yet subscribed to you, please comment below and I will make sure I do. Make sure you also consider the other commenters and extend the same to them. Oh yeah and me if you want to. I thought I would throw that in there because I am in the same bracket.

Many will comment that you should do this for the fun of it. However why should anyone add value to a multi million dollar platform and spend time on their content to not be treated in the same manner as the larger You Tubers? I have spent 7 years on my channel and I spent money on software and equipment to improve my channel . I know many who have done the same. So comments on here or youtube under the video and I will subscribe……

My rant here

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