Merry Christmas to all the children

I’m home today because I’m just not well enough to go to my daughters. I can’t really risk passing on the chest infection to anyone.

So it’s the sofa, tissues. Xmas films and a box of chocolates.

My daughter said when they dish the dinner someone will run it down to me so I don’t miss out.

It’s not the ideal Christmas I was looking forward to, but it is what it is.

The main thing is that the children have a great magical time and that’s really what counts.

People who know me will tell you I speak constantly of my grandson Mason who is like a daily miracle.

My decision to make some children’s type of videos is based solely for him as he loves looking at the avatars. So Isabella is born.

Enjoy the video of her first xmas moment.

Video :-


Zooby child avatar Jacky from Zooby

Charlotte hair from Analog Dog

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