Holidays are coming

Seriously there's like a sense of dasher come prancer in my life at the moment. I don't have enough days to get everything done. Wrapping up 2017 at work and then the ritual of home cleansing before the Christmas period. I'm not really a big celebrator of christmas per se. Meaning I am certainly not [...]

Little bit of Gacha

I do find I'm loving a Gacha lately. It's like playing a game of monopoly , you roll the dice and never quite know what you will get. Always a great surprise. Although going to jail is never a great move. Lucky you don't have that in a Gacha! Raindale has the Whorouly Gacha at [...]

Coffee with Isa – Dec 2017

This is the last Monday coffee for 2017. Wow the year is nearly over. I'm not sure I'm really ready to let it go yet considering some of the things I'd said I'd do this year I still haven't done. Maybe next year? Video below. Rambling as always.... Video:- Credits:- Frozen Heart outfit from [...]

Never let you go

I love these dances so much. Another video had to be done. I'm saying no more in today's blog post because it's Sunday and frankly I'm feeling lazy. Enjoy.... Video:- Credits:- Selma outfit  which includes boots, top and shorts with a hud for the top from La Geeny Stephanie hair from D!VA Catya [...]

At the airport with Harriet Parker

So Harriet has her hat. While in Paris Harriet had a major makeover. She is just best pleased. James couldn't meet her as he had a job reporting for the BBCc in Taiwan. Harriet can't wait to show James her new look! You must visit Backdrop City a seriously excellent place to take photos and where [...]

*update* Linden Lab apologised

Photo has nothing to do with this blog, because well the whole content has changed. Read on..... Well that was a crazy 24 hours on the internet yesterday don't you think? I'm absolutely pleased Strawberry got her apology. It goes to show that when our community joins together, no matter where we are, what language, [...]

Really Linden Lab **UPDATED**

Really Linden Lab **UPDATED**

Linden lab have subsequently apologised if you click below you can read the apology.“un-cease-desist”/ So on my way to work today I see the blog post by Strawberry Singh highlighting what has happened to her regarding a video she had made promoting the virtual world of Second Life and how to join. Basically you [...]

Ready at attention for the office

As you guessed it, I'm on the bus headed to work. I have U2 blaring in my headset today. I have not been into them for a long while after being an avid fan for so long. I guess we go through circles in our tastes with all things. Fads they call it. Some of [...]

Waiting for a mate!

Do you remember that video that went viral a few years back? Just waiting for a mate? Lord I laugh just now thinking about it as I sit here on the bus. After this blog post I'm going to search for it and watch it all over again. Last night I went for a meal [...]

Cold princess

I'm so so tired and really need to sleep. But I can't. My body is like a clock and performs on the tick of the hour no matter how much I try to turn the alarm off. I've been exhausted a while now and that is mainly because I keep busy for many reasons. I [...]