Work. Apparently the thing we do to pay the bills, because someone many many years ago declared a class system and the idea of equal bartering system got lost. So us little people who keep the wheel turning do so and almost to the tune of that old story Oliver, say "Please Sir". I'm actually [...]

Hey there

Not that I'm counting, but it's another four days after today (I guess that's five) that Santa will float down my chimney with a great big surprise. Ok so yes I know he isn't real. But a girl can still dream. I dream of a lot of things but reality has to rear its head [...]

Winter is still here

Just putting it out there that winter does exist still.  Today is the first day I've felt that the woolly coat and boots could come on. I doubt snow will come. But maybe a little frost? Mother Nature and I need to have a little conflab soon over this. Video   Credits : - [...]

Tats away!

I've said this before but in my RL I often look at tattoos and think wow that looks amazing.  Mind you I have seen some and thought "oh Jesus no, you didn't"! A woman at work had a unicorn done on her left shoulder. When she showed us. Well speechless is what I certainly was.  [...]

Spring in the winter

Anyone down south in the UK will know what I mean. It feels like spring in the winter right now. All those coats and boots in my wardrobe not getting worn because frankly its just not cold enough right now. But n SL its ok, I can wear winter in the spring, spring in the [...]

Into the wilderness

Something tells me this will be a lovely weekend. I guess its the fact that its one week before Christmas and that I will be babysitting the most gorgeous little boy for a day while his mom goes and does her lashes business. I have such adoration for that little guy and now he is [...]

How many?

How many hours are there in one day? I've decided that there are absolutely not enough! I've had so much to do in both worlds and so little time that I had to sit and really think how I needed to plan my time last night. The best way to do that is a seriously [...]

Think I’m in trouble now

Just over one week to go till Christmas and I'm still not feeling it. I guess 2016 kind of sucked a lot and with so many things having gone on in both lives, I'm finding it hard to get that spirit. The spirit of preference may be vodka, but then tequila is also great. Kidding!!!!! [...]

The alternate night before Christmas

Yes I'm trying to be all festive but I'm not feeling it right now. Not in RL anyhow. I don't know if it's because as we get older those Xmas fantasies we had as a child are lost.  As an adult you know that Father Christmas isn't real and that the reindeer  can't fly in [...]