Sell yourself

One well worn but loved avatar for sale. Comes reclining on a battered sofa and looks good in any living room.

I am kidding of course. 

I visited Junk last night for a bit of a wander as I hasn’t been there in ages.

I used to visit for the windlight. But last night I decided to check out the furnishings and see what’s for sale. 

I love the fact everything has price tags hanging off. That actually made me chuckle and smile. So, I popped myself on this battered sofa to see if anyone would purchase me. 

Nothing, nada, absolutely not.

Oh well, instead I’ll stick to shopping.
Wearing my new little outfit from Le Fashion Whore. It’s actually quite a nifty one as both jeans and top are hud driven so you can change your look quite easily.

Something I love especially on a shoestring budget. 

My heels are from ArisAris/B&W and dress my outfit up if I want a look from day to night. Flick on the lippy and I’m a pretty hot date, if I must say so myself. 







Top “Jenny” with hud available at Le Fashion Whore

Jeans “Katy” with hud available at Le Fashion Whore

“Lara” mesh body by Maitreya

“Trinity” mesh head and “Nellie” skin applier from  Laq Avatars

Hair is a free one  called from “Mena” from MINA

Shoes are “AryArt” stiletto’s  by ArisAris/B&W   available currently at the  ON9 Event

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