Little people

I'm waiting at home for a little person to be dropped off who is going to stay the night with me. Excited a little? Yeah I am every single time he comes to stay. Little Mason is now starting to say so many more words and Cat is the one he says a lot when [...]

Good morning sunshines

Well I've had quite a sleep last night. Apart from 3am night terrors with the little man on his sleepover we had an excellent lay in.  8.20 am is definitely an improvement since he last slept over. Last time was 6.30 am!!! Paw Patrol is on Netflix while he has his toast and yoghurt, then [...]

Late I know!!

First time in a long time I haven't blogged on the bus on the way to work. Why is that you may ask? Well because last night I spent time with he who makes me smile before I went to bed. Some days you just need those moments to talk and have some time with [...]

Maybe read instead?

It's Saturday and I'm wondering whether to stay in bed that little bit longer, or just get up. I think my bed wins and a good book. So I bid you a happy Saturday . I explain today's outfit in the video. Video Credits :- Raissa tunic by [WellMade] available at the Designer Showcase Fabiola [...]

Whaaaat it’s finished???

Thank goodness. Seriously if I eat another chocolate or another plate of food I'll combustulate. I've had enough of that food malarkey and now seriously need to live on rabbit food for a while. Oh, hang on, there's still New Years meals.  Throwing my covers back over my head and going back to sleep and [...]

Well made

The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy. Yves Saint-Laurent     Credits :- Fleur outfit by  [WellMade] available right now at the Designer Showcase this has a hud with different colour versions as well. This particular event ends end of the  month so rush on down. Melania skin [...]