Conspiracy theory?

Yesterday was quite a long difficult day for me in the real world and usually days like that go unnoticed by the people I work with. Mainly because they don't know what it is I do or understand the pressure it can place on me. Why would they if I don't talk about it. The [...]

Coffee with Isa – Why I vlog

Monday again and it’s coffee time. Somewhere spooky in this world, somewhere where the leaves dance and the wind blows. Enjoy.... Video:- Credits :- Audry Bustier and skirt from FDD Stories I got  ages ago and unsure of purchase destination now Nita boots from Lindy at the Designer Showcase Passion lipstick from A R T [...]

That old vineyard

I'm at this beautiful old vineyard house and the musicians are playing, the smell of pasta being cooked and my glass of red wine being poured by the man of my dreams. Then, I wake up! The scene was almost similar  in my imagination when I came to this sim Noelia Island to do my [...]

The Charleston

I've seriously had little to do with so much time on my hands and so I've filmed and filmed to my hearts content.  Some days I don't want to do your traditional Isa outfit Vlog so today I did a little something different. Faith shoes from KC Couture at the Designer Showcase and Ruffled body [...]

Vegetable or chocolate?

I planted some tomato seeds on my windowsill yesterday and actually felt like the gardening queen for a change. When the seeds do their sprout thing, I will transfer them to my balcony and look forward to the menagerie that will grow. Well, I'm not sure its quiet a menagerie but put them amongst pots of strawberries [...]

Cant hide this smile

I'm like the cat who has the cream at the moment. Can I just reiterate I'm off from work. I need to repeat this in order to remind myself yes its true. I'm doing absolutely NOTHING today apart from indulging my SL whims and watching the odd Walking Dead episode . I have already had [...]

Share your eggs

Ok So I have purchased more eggs than I have left!! To each  three I buy, I eat one. Monday I am starting a slimming class. I need to make room for the next 12 I plan to consume in the next fortnight.  Feel free to join me on this mission. Video:-   Credits :- [...]

Crying over you?

I'm not really crying but sharing some tears and a sunshine dress. Go figure on the polar opposites of those two items. But one can cry in anything. Saturday afternoon and where is she going? I have left myself logged into SL most of the day as its now a bad habit of mine to [...]

You talking to me?

That's about as tough as my tough girl look can go. Last night in pixel planet was one of mixed emotions. Firstly a project I had been commissioned to do, one of the participants suddenly decides to message me stating they are no longer part of the project and that I had to completely change [...]

What’s that teacher?

I couldnt wait till later to do this blog as it connects to my previous blog today and so what the hell. Yessss I know, I'm supposed to be resting my arm. But frankly I cant right now as I'm a restless soul at the best of times. And for some RL and SL  reasons [...]