Secret Agent Harriet Parker

Harriet goes on a mission to find Bryn Oh. The artist formerly known as Bryn Oh. Video:- Credits:- Dark magic outfit from D.E. Boutique at the Designer Showcase May replica sunglasses from Haysuriza at the Designer Showcase Paradox hair from Stealthic Kimberley bento head from CATWA Evie shape for the CATWA Kimberley head LizBitz [...]

Meno-paws or just hot?

Harriet is preparing dinner for James. She is still sweating and her doctor has told it could be the Meno-Paws. Video:- Credits:- Ignis bodysuit from Stylus store at the UP Event Coco heels from Tooty Fruity at the UP Event Issa hot bento pose from Reve Obscura Oline lipstick from A R T E Sandra hair [...]

#SecondLifeChallenge My Seven Second Life Facts

So uploading this on here and hoping at least I can participate even for ten minutes in Strawberry Singhs challenge. If my video gets attacked again, I will put up the alternate channel it is now uploaded to. Video:- Credits :- Charlotte hair from Analog Dog Lemon dress from Addams Catya bento head from [...]

ASMR Friday

Because I've had quite a few emails for this I've decided to do maybe one ASMR video a week. So I have saved to a playlist on You Tube specifically titled ASMR and for those who aren't interested just easily skip the ASMR list titled videos.It's not to everyone's interest or taste. But it is [...]

Coffee with Isa

Well Strawberry Singh put it out there this challenge and at first I wasn't going to do it. But sat all day at work today I thought, ehhhh why not. Now I have talked for ages so be prepared when you click the link below. You have 20 minutes of me yakking away. I personally [...]

I don’t remember

Can I plead this every time I'm caught cheating on my diet plan? After all, I do look like this you know. I do. Well ok, only in my alternate life. I'm seriously starting a diet plan...tomorrow, oh maybe Sunday. Hang on ,  Monday. Yes Monday. It wont take long, a flick of a switch [...]

I want to take you

Sometimes I just want to write and not mention the fashion. But as I made this video, I really will give you the link to the Gacha to go and get this amazing outfit from Salt & Pepper. I had to make a video and well I wont go into detail at the painstaking efforts [...]


Its a beautiful day, what can I say. Well in SL it is. Just a wee video vlog to show you the Angel face and body shape for the CATWA Catya Bento head. Yes I am actually sharing the one I do wear and because of this I am only doing it in limited numbers. [...]