Shadow Box – DRD August 2017

Shadow Box – DRD August 2017

The shadow box is a new monthly subscription box from Death Row Designs. Every shadow box will contain 12 items inside. 6 items will be "light" and 6 items will be the "darks". A series of boxes will last 6 boxes/6 months and if you purchase every box in the series, a reward becomes available [...]

Never Walk Alone

But dancing alone is definitely allowed.  Whilst filming this at Salt Water I could sense onlookers wondering what the heck I was in fact doing. Prancing around like my hippy self swaying to my own music.  I recall at the time of filming there was some chicken kicking track playing on the sim  that certainly [...]

A summer serenade

I'm not really awake right now! I awoke at my usual time. Leaped out of bed (ok truth, crawled out of bed) into the shower, clothes on, nearly out the door then realised. It's my day off!!!! I had booked today as a leave day. If I had made it to the bus stop I [...]


I know right,  another blog in one day. However I'm not yakking, I am dancing and frankly I have zero patience when I have done a dance video, being as they are my favourite thing to do in SL. So here it is ....... Video:- Credits:- The greatest dress from Entice at the Designer [...]

Boobie jiggles

La GeenyI've been in SL for a long while now. Today is the first time I realised that SL boobies do jiggle. I mean I know they do with physics when you dance, but I never realised that like RL they do in any activity you do. Now seriously isnt technology amazing!! Realistic boobie jiggles. [...]


I'm on a mission to get as many blogs completed before I am away. So much I love and no idea which to do first. Logically do the time sensitive ones Liz! But then at the best of times I'm not logical. Last night I let my hair down for a change and went to [...]

Hot diggity dog!

I watched the last episode of Season 7 Walking Dead last night.  Now I don't err on the side of the bad guy but seriously Negan!!! He can say Hot diggity dog to me anytime. I have the hugest passion for that guy that really I may have to become one of his "wives". I'm [...]


It's coming soon and despite me hating the event in real life. I love a bit of spooky in virtual reality. Last night I decided to check out the sims doing preparations for Halloween. Of course I'm in preparations for my next video moment and want to really use elements from different places rather than [...]